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January 2014

Last 16 and Quarter-Finals Draw….


Saturday 18th January, 12:30pm at Grappenhall


Match 1       John Whitty (-7)               v          Ste Whittaker

Match 2       Ian Brumby (-7)                  v          Alex Taubman (-7)

Match A       Winner Match 1 v          Winner Match 2


Saturday 18th January, 12:30pm at newton


Match 3       Gareth Allen (-7)            v          Danny Thomas

Match 4       Michael Wild (-7)             v          Wayne Brown

Match B       Winner Match 3 v          Winner Match 4


Sunday 19th January, 12:30pm at Grappenhall


Match 5       Nev Whalley                    v          Farakh Ajaib

Match 6       Craig Millward              v          Chris Hatton

Match C      Winner Match 5 v          Winner Match 6



Sunday 19th January, 12:30pm at Newton


Match 7       Jamie McArdle (-7)          v          Ste Crutchley

Match 8       Chris Norbury (-14)       v          Danny Connolly

Match D      Winner Match 7 v          Winner Match 8



**** All Matches are best of 7 frames


Format of Play:

· Dress code is smart/casual

· Group Stages:

· Eight groups of four players in a league table format.

· Round-robin 3-Frame matches between each player so each player will play 9 frames.

· One Point per Frame towards Group table. Top two players from each group qualify.

· Players will be seeded based on current PTC rankings and will be separated in Group stages.

· Qualifying seeded players will maintain their seed position in the knockout stages irrespective of whether they finish first or second in the group.

· Last 16 and Quarter-Final are straight knockout format, best of 7 frames, no interval.

· Semi-Final and Final straight knockout, best of 9 frames, interval after 4 frames.

· Matches to start promptly at times stated. If a player is not present then they will lose one frame, a further one frame for 15 minutes late, forfeits the match if 30 minutes or more late.

· The normal rules of snooker apply.

· The full miss rule will be implemented.

· Referees are supplied only for Semi-Final and Final. All other matches to be self-refereed (volunteers are allowed on agreement of both players).

· Any disputes to be resolved by nominated referee, if no referee then players must seek arbitration from a 3rd party, for example the ref/players from the next table or any spectators.


Tie Break Rules:

·         2-Way Tie

o   Higher place is given to the winner of the match between the tied players.

·         3-Way Tie

o   If a player has won both matches against the other two tied players he takes the highest position, the player with one win will take the next place.

o   If each player won one match each against the tied 3 players then the three players play a one-frame round-robin with aggregate score to determine the places.



Group Stage Draw

Grappenhall Ex-Service Mens Club


Newton Social Club

Sat 4th January 2014 – 12:30-17:00


Sat 4th January 2014 – 12:30-17:00

Group 1



Group 2


Gareth Allan (-7)

Buckley (N.Wales)


Jack Bradford (-7)

Buckley (N.Wales)

Jeff Robinson



Danny Thomas


Joshua Thomond



Ben Dooley

St Helens

Ian Brumby



Chris Hatton




Grappenhall Ex-Service Mens Club


Newton Social Club

Sun 5th January 2014 – 12:30-17:00


Sun 5th January 2014 – 12:00-17:00

Group 3



Group 4


Jamie McArdle (-7)



Dean Sheridan (-7)


Danny Connolly



Lee Young (-7)


James Frith



Wayne Brown

St Helens

Jordan Purnell



Stephen Crutchley




Grappenhall Ex-Service Mens Club


Newton Social Club

Sat 11th January 2014 – 12:30-17:00


Sat 11th January 2014 – 12:00-17:00

Group 5



Group 6


Michael Wild (-7)



Craig Steadman (-14)


Scott Wall



Craig Millward


Daniel Whalley



Farakh Ajaib


Alex Taubman



Stephen Rowlings




Grappenhall Ex-Service Mens Club


Newton Social Club

Sun 12th January 2014 – 12:30-17:00


Sun 12th January 2014 – 12:00-17:00

Group 8



Group 7


John Whitty (-7)



Chris Norbury (-14)


Graham Hardy



Alam Dawber


Bill Cocker



Ste Whittaker

St Helens

Nev Whalley



Steve Critchley