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Last 16 Update - Week 1
In front of a packed audience the first four matches of the last 16 produced some high quality matches but no surprises. Craig Steadman looked to be the most susceptible with a particularly tough draw giving John Welsh 21 start. What followed was a match of the highest quality. With both players concentrating on the tactical side of the game and taking no chances there were few high breaks but also neither player was making a mistake. Craig took the first 3 frames but this could easily have been 3-0 to John. With the impetus of this lead Craig crept away in the fourth to complete a 4-0 win that didn’t reflect the contest. What it did show was that Craig
Weekend 4 Update
Craig Steadman lit up the Tournament with a scintillating potting display to win Group 1 of the tournament. In winning 8 of his 9 frames Craig hit breaks of 129
Weekend 3 Update
More surprises and shocks in Groups 2 and 3 this weekend. In Group 3 yet another seed

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