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Summer 2014
Vintage Billiards
1Roosters 'C'181503672367
2G.E.S.M. 'A'181107563456
3Newton Social 'B'181206513951
4Irish Club181008454545
5Irlam Catholic 'A'188010444644
6Penketh Cons 'A'188010405040
7Rylands 'B'188010405040
8St Josephs187011405040
9G.T.B.L. "B"186012365436
10Irlam Catholic 'B' 185013315931

Congratulations to Roosters "C" who have won the Summer League for the second year in succession. Runners up were G.E.S.M. "A" with Newton Social "B" third but the big surprise was Irish Club who came from nowhere to clinch fourth place after two big wins in the last two matches. 

There was also a shock in the fight for the highest break with Declan Cassidy stealing it on the last night with a 60 break which ended up as a break of 70 with the handicap added on.

                                                                                             147 SNOOKER

147 Snooker again failed to play last night so I have alternative but to take them out of the Summer League and their record has now been expunged from the table.

Unfortunately because of this there will be a change in prize money.


The balance of the Summer League fees must be paid at the meeting on Monday 1st September 2014.

The cup and prize money will be paid out at the first League Meeting on Monday 29th September.


From now on you should be able to put your results onto the website at any time during the week.

What it does not mean is that you can ignore the timescale for entering the result which is still no later than Monday morning.


The Rules for this year's competition have been put into the Documents section of this page.

They are almost the same as last year with the exception being slightly reduced prize money because of one less team in the competition this time.