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Summer 2012
1Earlestown Cons181503603060
2GESM 'A'181206573357
3GESM 'B'18909444644
4Irlam Catholic18909444644
5Walkers 'A'18909444644
6Richmonds 'A'188010434743
7St Benedicts181008405040
8Rylands 'B'188010405040
9Alford 'A'186012405040
10St Jospehs184014385238


Well done to Earlestown Cons who have won this year's Summer League.

Runners up were G.E.S.M. "A" with G.E.S.M. "B", Irlam Catholic and Walkers "A" finishing joint third.

Also congratulations to Wayne Brown who had the highest break with a net break of 74 which means that the break was in fact 117.



Don't forget that all the match fees from the Summer League must be paid at the Pre-Season Meeting at Tetley Walkers Club on Monday 3rd September 2012.

Because the Summer League only finishes on Thursday 30th August the presentation of the trophy for the winners plus the prize money will not be paid out until the first regular meeting on Monday 24th September. 


The Registration Meeting will be held on Monday 6th August at Tetley Walkers Club.

Unfortunately on the same night Warrington Wolves are playing St.Helens after the game was switched from Friday night.

As a result I will be in the club from 7.00pm so people can bring the form back and go straight away if required.

One thing that I ask is that every team supplies a proper name and address for the captain or representative so that if a team needs to be contacted there is no need to send information to the club where sometimes it isn't passed on.

Finally please remember that any new players should have a reasonable handicap supplied as there will be fines and points deducted for any team that tries to bend the rules.


Summer League

The League will start on Thursday 3rd May and will run for 18 weeks and finish on Thursday 30th August.

The format has been discussed and will be the same as last year.

The prize for the highest break has been donated by G.E.S.M. and the League would like to thank them for their generosity.


To enter results you must put in the number on your folder as your usename followed by abc123 as the password. This will get you into the site as normal.

I apologise for the confusion but it is my first time running the Summer League and I got it the wrong way round.


Fees are £5.00 per team per match and no money will be collected until the A.G.M. when half of the fees will be paid with the rest to be paid at the Pre Season Meeting.


Proposed Summer League Format


If a break is made please enter the break score without adding on or taking off the handicap because I don't know who has put the handicap on and who hasn't which can be confusing.