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Summer 2013
1Rooster's 'C'221804753575
2Newton Social 'B'221606694169
3Walkers 'A'221408644664
4Irlam Catholic 'A'2212010595159
5G.E.S.M. 'A'2212010585258
6G.T.B.L. 'A'2210012555555
7St Benedict's2210012525852
8G.T.B.L. 'B'227015506050
9Richmond's 'A'229013476347
10G.E.S.M. 'B'228014476347
11Rylands 'B'228014426842
12St Joseph's228014426842


Congratulations to Roosters "C" who have won this year's Summer League in what has been a very good competition with Newton Social "B" finishing runners up. Third place went to Walkers "A" with Irlam Catholic "A" just managing to hold on to fourth place in the last game of the season.

The highest break prize has gone to Danny Thomas but special mention to Wayne Brown who had another break over 100 with his 102 break but unfortunately due to the rules of the competition it wasn't enough.


147 Snooker failed to play again last night so I have had no alternative but to take them out of the Summer League and their record has been expunged from the League with the amended League Table now on the website.


147 Snooker again failed to play last night so I have no alternative but to take them out of the Summer League and their record has now been expunged.

Because of this there will need to be a change in prize money.



There are four matches to go in the Summer League and it is all still to play for at the top.

Please remember that all the remaining match fees need to be paid at the Pre-Season Meeting to be held at Tetley Walkers Club on Monday 2nd September2013 at 7.30pm.

The Presentation of prizes will take place at the first Monthly Meeting of the Winter League at the end of September.